It's time to rethink our approach to workplace harassment.

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Ending workplace harassment through education.

We are living in an age where workplace issues are magnified, scrutinized, and socialized. Now, more than ever people are standing up for themselves, talking about their experiences and shedding light on a pervasive and persistent issue: harassment at work.

So how do we move on from #metoo? How do we repair a workplace that is damaged by inappropriate behavior? We don’t. We move forward and rethink, re-educate, and revive a non-traditional approach to making the workplace safer, more productive and prosperous.

Let's face it. We are well into the 21st Century and this issue is still a drain on our society, not to mention hundreds of lost hours of productivity at work. People are scratching their heads.

I’m here to answer questions, help guide employers and employees through the treacherous terrain and help draw the line at work and beyond. 


About me

I'm on a mission to end workplace harassment through education.

I'm a survivor of workplace harassment. I complained and was fired. I refused to stand by and allow the politicians who were my bosses dictate the outcome of my career. So I took on my employer, the State of Iowa, and I won. Now I'm on a mission to put an end to workplace harassment once and for all. Get to know me a bit more and see how we can work together on this important issue.

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How we can work together:

In order to put an end to workplace harassment, you must appropriately assess your current culture and have a thoughtful conversation about the issue. I can help you with the tough conversation. 

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